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Above, Below, Beyond Bodywork 

personalised sessions for a
more embodied self

Welcome to, I'm Kobi, a holistic bodyworker, watsu & waterdance practitioner, somatic guide and circle facilitator. 

I work with people through deep listening, somatic exploration, and hands on bodywork.


My goal is to help clients release tension, unwind, and connect with their bodies and themselves in a deeper more intimate way. I draw upon a rich mix of techniques and personal experience in a down to earth authentic approach.  

I believe that our bodies have an innate wisdom that can guide us towards better health and happiness and I offer space for this listening. To unwind your multilayered whole self. 

Clients leave my sessions rejuvenated, relaxed, more connected and open to themselves and life.

I'm offering..

-Watsu, Waterdance (Wata) and Healing dance is my mix of bodywork in warm water, allowing the body to flow, flex, breath, unwind itself into profound states of relaxation and calm.

-Integral Touch Sessions are a somatic exploration combining hands-on bodywork with deep listening, and/or authentic relating & circling coaching.

-Bodywork/Massage for relaxation, de-stress, nervous system regulation, deep tissue and fascia release. I incorporate elements of breath awareness and mindfulness.

come home to yourself



Touch is an essential aspect of our innate humanness. Through my own curious self enquiry, experiences and trainings, I have become acutely aware of how our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are constantly (and ‘cleverly’) interacting together in the mix of this term known as “well-being”.

 When delivered and received with conscious, authentic intention, touch has the power to connect and teach us how to be our most naturally open selves.

 The desire to assist people to become more of their own unique self has become my main inspiration for why I do what I do.

I work by way of deep listening, compassion, intuition, non-judgemental, conscious touch, consent and reflection.

I have over 20yrs experience in a variety of bodywork modalities, movement meditation and dance, Authentic Relating, Embodied Intimacy, Circling, HeartIQ, Tantra and I am trauma informed. 

In the more distant past I was trained and employed as a sculptor for 18yrs, so I continue and probably always will be ‘making’ something as my hands and heart need to create!! 

Back Massage_edited_edited.jpg
Therapeutic Massage
Ingetral Touch Session

I offer the relaxation and indulgence of a deeply focussed conscious touch massage. I work deeply, slowly and intuitively. 

Deep tissue


Fascia Release



with a big dose of loving care and attention.

We work together to include physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and relational parts of you by following your direct experience. Deep listening and courageous enquiry allowing the time to notice any parts of you that may need extra attention, in doing so we free up and integrate stuck/stagnant life force... a somatic exploration for a more holistic inclusive approach to healing and growth

1hour  €75
1.5hr  €105
2hrs €140

1hour  €60
1.5hr  €90

Circling Coaching

Bodywork in warm water.  Without gravity, you are held gently in my arms while being rocked, stretched, held, submerged (optional), and attuned to. Everything is to evoke softening and letting go on all levels, the physical, emotional, spiritual, spatial, energetical...
All sessions are unique. Your body's innate wisdom guides your experience.

note; water session prices vary depending on which pool we use. Please phone for more details (I use WhatsApp incase your number is foreign. I'm currently using pools in Belgium and UK.

Similar to Integral Touch sessions without the touch. Can be done online or in person. 

Trained in Circling/Circling Coaching (Circling Europe) and HIQ.

1hour  €50


Get in Touch

by appointment only

+32 486 16 18 64

Land sessions are currently in 2  locations, Rhode-Saint-Genese and Ixelles, in Brussels.

(Home visits 'may' be possible).

Water sessions are in a variety of locations, please be in touch for more details

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