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water sessions with Kobi

above, below, beyond

Simple in its principles yet profound in its effects, aquatic bodywork can be a uniquely relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic experience.         -Daniel Aber

Aquatic bodywork is already relaxing the nervous system simply by way of the body submerging in warm water. With the induced movement by the practitioner, one's breathing can slow down, its a time for the nervous system to really drop in, into the embodied present moment, a pleasurable somatic experience of the here and now, everything else temporarily forgotten. It is a deep surrender on many levels.

I first came across this warm water bodywork modality in 2001. It was mesmerising to me and still, over 20yrs later and thousands of pool hours it still has me hungry to explore more of its possibilities.

Trained in Watsu, Healing Dance, and Waterdance, these sessions are a constant teacher... a meditation, a compassion practice, the voice of my empath deeply listening and guiding my client's unfolding...  I simply attune to them… being present to whatever shows up, in doing so, they are invited to feel themselves perhaps a little more deeply. 

​For those interested in self-development, aquatic bodywork is highly suitable to people looking to focus on aspects of their own growth. 

On the psychic plane, in its nature it doesn’t have to be so verbal, instead the client is invited into their own journey. To feel themselves from the inside without distractions. The client receives full attention and attunement with the close embrace of the practitioner. Fully receiving, and nurtured. It's potential for profound relaxation and sense of safety can be extremely nurturing for mental health re-imprinting, creating increased equilibrium for the nervous system. Sessions go at the pace equal to the necessary attunement, like this every  session is as unique as each client.

The head being submerged at the hairline and the option also to be completely submerged (timed with the breath) induces calm and tranquility on many levels. 

From total non effort, when the body feels safe, the breath can relax... more.. and more…it is in this down regulation that we can experience realms of spiritual serenity…. space.… liberation…. possibility….  (but no expectations of course)....

... a taste of underwater ambiance

Kobi receiving an underwater session from one of her teachers (2019)

A client of UK based therapist Judy Fox describing a session

client's comments...

My breathing is natural, but conscious, without forcing anything. 

It is fluid, just like this liquid and warm environment. 

And then after a while (how long, I don't know, (I'm in the timeless), at a small sign of her hand, I gradually disappear under the surface. 

It's almost seamless. So this word 'disappear' takes on meaning. 

To dive into the water, into this slow exhalation, is to dive into my unknown. 

It's like an abyss into which I fall. 

And it's like an irresistible force: it's like having the memory of my days in my mother's womb. 

There are no words to describe this feeling. Dark becomes light, fear becomes trust. 

When I leave the pool, I feel my eyes awake, my body relaxed and nourished, my mind peaceful. 

My chest.. my heart, radiates outwards....


Beyond words! 

Unlike anything I ever experienced before. Its not only physical relaxation but a journey into a realm of deep connection and harmony. Thankyou Kobi. Somehow you served as a conduit for healing, a medium through which my body and soul was invited to communicate in a language beyond words. Incredible!! 


questions and appointments call me 

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